Stolen Island (Vol. 2)


Just in time for summer reading, and after another great year of writing at the University of Maine, we are happy to announce  this year’s volume of Stolen Island has arrived and is on its way to contributors. Many thanks to those on our pages, those who came to our reception on May 10, and faculty advisors Jennifer Moxley, David Kress, and Greg Howard.

Please be in touch with us at if you’re interested in receiving a copy.

Contributors: Kristy Bowen, Ariel Berry, Denise Bickford, Chris Maliga, Jess Rowan, Joseph Massey, Amina Cain, Devin Johnston, Jacob Kempfert, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, James Brophy, David Bartone, Jeff Downey, Sadie Jane Fenton, Jason Canniff, Charles Blackstone, Cathy Eisenhower, Katie Lattari, Tony Trigilio, Kevin Cook, Edward Desautels, Rose W. Hart, Kate Ostler, David Trinidad, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Kevin Killian, Dimitri Anastasopoulos, Jessica Harris, Aaron Pinnix, Maurice Burford, Sarah Cook, Andi Olsen, Davis Schneiderman, P. Inman, Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Benjamin Friedlander, Franklin Bruno, Page Hill Starzinger, Andy Graff, Jessica Holz, B.K. Fischer, Jason Mitchell, Emily Kohler, Aleksandra Swatek, Elizabeth Maliga, Meghan L. Dowling, Megan Kaminski, and interviews with Lily Hoang, Joanna Howard and Matvei Yankelevich

-Katie Fuller & Cory Robertson, Editors


photos: k.f.


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